[11:08, 10/11/2017] Rev’d E Asenso: Blame EPA for Atomic gas explosion – Methodist Presiding Bishop
Presiding Bishop of the Methodist Church Ghana, has chided regulatory institutions mandated to oversee the operations of fuel stations in the country for shirking their responsibilities.
According to him, authorities at these institutions have failed to do proper checks before allowing owners of Petrol and Gas stations to set up at their places of business.
The Most Reverend, Titus K. Awotwi Pratt, made the remarks a day after seven people died, and 40 others sustained injuries in a Gas explosion at Atomic Junction in Accra on Saturday.
The Bishop who spoke at an induction ceremony of a new Methodist Lay president in Adum Wesley Methodist church in Kumasi, wants persons at the helm of affairs at these intuitions taken to task.
“My opinion is that, people are not doing the work they are supposed to be doing in this country. This is not the first time this has happened. This incident happened where we are told it’s very close to another filling Station and close to a residential area, is that what the law says? Where petrol stations and Gas stations are sited, what does the law say? I think there are regulations. That is why I am saying those responsible for these things ought to be taken to task”.
He called for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), to be taken to task since it is responsible for issuing permits to owners of Petrol and Gas stations in the country.
He indicated that the Ghana Police Service and the Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS) should also take a share of the blame since they are also mandated to ensure that the right things were done.
The Most Reverend Awotwi Pratt cited a situation where residents lost a court case to an owner of a Gas station after they protested the siting of the facility in the area.
He further said the facility was later closed down when a fire occurred there, questioning the pro-activeness of leaders in Ghana.
He described authorities at the regulatory institutions as “Square pegs in Round holes” who are paid for no work done.
He maintained that “the so-called people in authorities are those who are wrecking our nation. The rich, the so-called political powerful people are wrecking out nation.”


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