The Rt. Rev. Samuel Mensah was born on Sunday 23rd December 1962 at Bogoso near Tarkwa in the Western region of Ghana. His parents are Ebusuapanyin Kobina Akonu of the Aduana- Aboradze Clan and Obaapanyin Esi Tawiah of the Odomna-Ayoko clan all from Ansafona near Abura Dunkwa in the Central region. Samuel, affectionately called Kwesi Mensah, the first of twelve siblings, started his education from the Bogoso Methodist Primary in 1969, and completed Middle School in the same School in 1979.

In September 1979, Sammy started his Secondary education at the Amenfiman Secodary School. Two months after admission in “Great Amens,” there was a demonstration in the School which caused the closure of the School. When School re-opened on Janaury 8, 1980, Sammy suffered a hurt on the right foot. This delayed his education until September 1982 when he had to start again at St. Augustine’s Secondary School at Bogoso in from 1982 to 1986. The Rt. Samuel Mensah continued at the Tarkwa Secondary School for his Sixth Form education from 1986-1988.

After the Sixth Form education, due to financial constraint, he took to crop farming with the planting of cassava, maize, pepper, tomato, ocro, cane-sugar and also had about six-acre Oil Palm Plantation at Bogoso. Alongside these, Sammy had a table top shop which he sold various provision with the aim of making money to support his education.


Sammy was not from a Christian home. At age seven his parents sent him to the Methodist primary school in Bogoso. He became inspired by the school morning devotions and the power of the Methodist Hymn Book. At primary six, Sammy had a deep inner desire to become a minister of the gospel and kept this secret with the mother who kept praying and fasting with him on Wednesdays and Fridays in most times. This desire was nurtured through the Sunday School, the church Choir and the Youth Fellowship. In 1980, The Rt. Rev Samuel Mensah joined the Power of Jesus Evangelistic Ministry, a Christian Fellowship which rose up in Tarkwa to evangelize for Christ.  He was appointed the General Secretary and the Prayer Secretary for the fellowship at Bogoso. His zeal for evangelism increased and participated in the organization of open Air Outreaches in Tarkwa, Tarkwa- Nsuta, Bogoso, Prestea, Wassa Akropong and Sefwi Asawinso among others. Sammy was very instrumental in the Fellowship because he is gifted in Preaching, Teaching and Singing.

The Rt. Rev. Samuel Mensah was baptized and confirmed in 1986 at the Ebenezer Methodist Church in Bogoso by the late Very Rev. K. O. Asiama. In 1987, he wrote and passed the Local Preachers’ Examinations. Thereafter, Sammy was always on the move every Sunday as an accredited and assigned Local Preacher to conduct services in towns and villages in the Bogoso Circuit.  Among the roles he played in the church were A Sunday School Helper, Sunday School Teacher, chaplain of the Youth Fellowship, Assistant Class Leader, Assistant Leaders’ Meeting Secretary, Assistant Mens’ Fellowship Secretary and Coordinator of the Evangelism Team of the Church. He was one of the Speakers of the first Open Air Crusade organized in 1991 under the Supervision of the Very Rev. Charles Aaron K. Ekuban, which enhanced the image of the Methodist church in Bogoso. At the Secondary School, he was the Assistant to the School Chaplain of Tarkwa Secondry School from 1986 – 1988.


Samuel felt the heaviness of the call of God upon him on January 8, 1990 after a powerful sermon preached by his motivator, inspirer and counsellor, the Very James Kweku Sagoe on the text “Gather to me my consecrated ones, who made a covenant with me by sacrifice” (Psalm 50:4). After service, Sammy went to the vestry and made his intentions of entering into the ordained ministry to the Minister. The Very Rev. James K. Sagoe exclaimed, “Oh, the examinations for the ministry was conducted yesterday.” Sammy retorted, “very well, I have one year to prepare, let the church use me for the work.

At the September 1990 Quarterly Meeting of the Tarkwa Circuit, he was accepted to proceed with his candidature into the ordained ministry.  He then wrote the entrance examinations on January 8, 1991. Whilst waiting for the results of the entrance examination, he worked as a Plant Sampler at the Billington Bogoso Gold Ltd from January – July 1991, a department where he had the opportunity to work in the Gold Room where the final gold bar is retrieved.  Having passed the entrance examinations, as well as the various interviews, Samuel entered the Trinity Theological Seminary, Legon in October 1991.

In June 1994, The Rt. Rev. Samuel Mensah was commissioned at the Mt. Olivet Methodist Church in the Dansoman Circuit of the Accra Diocese. He was Ordained in 1997 at the Wesley Cathedral in Cape Coast.


Accademically, Rt. Rev. Samuel Mensah after his elementary school education continued at the Amanfiman Secodary School at Wassa Akropong from September to November 1979. Due to an injury, Sammy had to wait until September 1982 when he started again at St. Augustine’s Secondary School, Bogoso and completed in 1986. He then continued at the Tarkwa Secondary School for the A- Level Certificate from 1996 – 1988. Between 1991 – 1994, he was admitted to the Trinity College (Trinity Theological Seminary) for the External Diploma in Theology. Five years afterwards he pursuid further studies at the University of Ghana, Legon and was awarded Bachelor of Arts in Political Science/ Religions. From 2013 – 2015, he studied at the Methodist University College in Dansoman for the Master’s Degree in Business Administration, Human Resource option.


The ministerial itinerary of the Rt. Rev. Samuel Mensah took him to the following stations:

YEAR                     DIOCESE     CIRCUIT          SOCIETY             STATUS

1994 -1996             Akyem ODA  Oda                St. Luke               Circuit Minister

1996 – 1999            Akyem Oda   Ayirebi             Akyem Ofoase     Circuit Minister

1999 – 2002            Accra            Kaneshie          ST. Stephen        Auxiliary Minister

2002 – 2004            Sunyani        Kwapong          Kwapong             Supt. Minister

2004 – 2006           Sunyani        Wamfie         Wamfie                  Supt. Minister

2006 – 2008           Accra            Dansoman    Grace-Sakaman     Circuit Minister

2008 – 2016           Accra            Mamprobi South   Iron City           Auxiliary Minister

2016 – 2017            Accra            Dansoman         Maranatha         Auxiliary Minister


As a servant of the church, Sammy had the privilege of serving in the following offices and levels of the church:

2006                       –         Conference Member for Sunyani Diocese

2008 – 2011            –         Director, Children’s Ministry Directorate

2009 – 2017            –         Conference / Expanded GPC Member

2011 –   2016          –         Director, Human Resource & Administration

2012 – 2017           –         Secretary, Nominations Committee

2012– 2017             –         Secretary, Stationing Committee

2012 – 2017            –         Secretary, Emoluments Committee

2012 – 2017           –         Member, General Directorate for Finance & Development

2012 – 2017            –         Member, Finance Directorate

2012 – 2017            –         Member, Planning, Research & Growth Directorate

2010 – 2017           –         Assistant to the Administrative Bishop @ Conferences & Expanded GPC


The Rt. Rev. Samuel Mensah has served the church in the following capacities: From 1997 -1999, he was appointed as the Circuit Evangelism Coordinator for the Ayirebi Circuit of the Akyem Oda (District) Diocese. Within the same period, he was appointed as the Diocesan Statistician for the Akyem Oda District during the time of the Rt. Rev. John K. Ampiah Addison as the Chairman and General Superintendent.  Between 1998- 1999, he was appointed as the Circuit Youth Organizer for the Ayirebi Circuit. Between 2002 – 2004, he was the Secretary to the Planning Committee for the Creation of the Goaso Diocese. From 2002 – 2006, he was appointed as the Diocesan Statistician as well as the Assistant Journal Secretary for the Sunyani Diocese.


The Rt. Rev. Samuel Mensah has continued to improve upon his knowledge and experience by participating in other courses, workshops and seminars in the following areas:

2003       -Workshop on Leadership for Superintendent Ministers @ Weija, Accra

2011 & 2014 –         Challenge Pastors Conference, Accra

2012             –         Workshop on Church Administration for Ministers, MUCG Accra

May 2011     –         Certificate in Human Resource Management-MDPI, Accra

May 2011     –         Certificate in Human Resource & Communication – MDPI, Accra

June 2011    –         Certificate in Event Management – MDPI, Accra

July 2011     –         Certificate in Administrative Management Skills, – MDPI, Accra

August 2011 –        Certificate in Performance Management – MDPI, Accra


Samuel Mensah owes God a great deal of gratitude for his favor and mercy upon his life for bringing him this far. Samuel is very grateful to his parents for their support and interest in his ministry and also to Arhin-Mensah for their prayers and pieces of advice in support of his ministry.

Special thanks go to the Very Rev. James Kweku Sagoe who saw the gifts and graces in him and took pains to counsel and encouraged him to enter into the ordained ministry. Sammy extends his gratitude to MADAM SARAH EFUA BOAKO, a former Steward of the Ebenezer Methodist Church in Bogoso, who stood as a mother and provided the initial financial and material support as well as counselling for his ministerial formation and to date. Samuel also extends his special thanks to his teachers at all levels of education who took keen interest in his humble and devoted dispositions and gave him the needed assistance to shape his life and ministry. Many thanks go to the members of the Ebenezer Methodist Church, Bogoso, St. Luke Methodist Church, Akyem Oda, Akyem Ofoase Society, St. Stephen Society in Gbawe New Town-Accra, Kwapong and Wamfie Methodist Societies and Circuits in the Sunyani Diocese, Grace Society in Accra, Iron City Society, Maranatha Society in Accra, the Mamprobi South and Dansoman Circuits for their wonderful support to my ministry.

Sammy extend his special appreciation to the numerous Nananom the places he served and still serving for their cooperation and support. To the numerous medical Doctors and Nurses and Physiotherapist like Midwife Mrs. Constance Asante of Akyem Ofoase, Dr. Dei Anane of Sunyani, Prof. Nkyekyer, Dr. Albert Paintsil, Dr. Samuel Daidoo, Dr. Mawu, Mrs. Dora Ephraim, Mrs. Alberta Rockson all of Korlebu Teaching Hospital and Rev. Dr. Aryee of Atomic hospital to mention but few. God has used to bless us we say ayekoo. Special thanks also go to the Proprietors of the Kwegyir Aggrey Academy, Living Waters and Hope of Glory Montessori Preparatory Schools in Accra, who took special interest in the education of our children, may God richly bless you all.

Sammy is also grateful to his lecturers at the Trinity Theological Seminary Notably the The Most Rev. Dr. Robert Aboagye-Mensah, The Most Rev. Prof. Emmanuel K. Asante, The Rt. Rev. Dr. Kwaku Asamoah-Okyere, The Very Reverends Prof. J.M.Y Edusa-Eyison, Prof. John D. K. Ekem, Prof. Johnson K. Asamoah-Gyadu and Prof. Livingston K. Buama for their immense support to his ministry. He is very grateful to his year mates, the 1994 group. He is also thankful to the entire staff of the of the Methodist Church Ghana Head Office, especially his Secretary, Mrs. Vincential Boahemaa Koramoa for her commitment and sense of duty in managing his office even in his trying moments, may God richly bless you. To the Drivers and Cleaners, I say ayekoo.

Sammy is a family man. He is married to a very intelligent, prayerful supportive and lovely wife Susanna Mensah.They are blessed with three children namely: Emmanuel Ekow Akonu Mensah, Maame Esi Tawiah Mensimah and Benedicta B. Awonaba Mensah.  Sussi, Sammy is indeed very grateful to you and the children for your love, patience, and prayer support.

Finally, Rt. Rev. Samuel Mensah is extremely grateful to the Conference of the Methodist Church Ghana represented by The Most Rev. Titus K. Awotwi Pratt, Bennard C. K. Botwe, and The Rt. Dr. Paul K. Boafo. He is also requesting for the prayers support of everyone, continuous counselling to serve God and humanity.




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