The Methodist Emblem/Logo


This flag is being raised to remind us of the fact that even though we share in the ecumenical body, We are first and foremost Christians of the great Methodist Tradition. We are proud to have come to faith in Jesus Christ by the Gospel preached, taught, and practiced by the people called Methodists. A society raised by the power of God to spread Scriptural holiness throughout the land. It is therefore important that every Methodist within Diocese, Circuit and Society in the Connexion owns it and raises at the offices and chapels.

The Methodist Emblem/Logo


The Gold background symbolizes the richness of our heritage in the glorious hope of Jesus Christ. It also brings to mind that the Methodist Heritage handed over to us by our forebears is pure, dependable and worthwhile, and that a strict adherence will enable the Methodist to seeking faith to cultivate a personal and living faith which leads to salvation in Jesus Christ.

Again, it remind us that, as we hoist the flag, embossed with the Ghana Methodist emblem, we anticipate the day we would be welcomed to take our place in the city of Gold, the kingdom of God where Christ the Lord reigns supreme

The Methodist Emblem/Logo

Methodist_Church_Ghana_Logo-279x300This is a map of Ghana with the “Nyame Dua”  (God’s Tree) symbol in the middle of the and embossed with a cross. The cross stretches from the ocean over the upper part of the map and also, goes beyond the East and West  boarders. The vertical base of the cross stretches into the ocean because Methodism came to us through the sea, that is from England, and by ship which brought Rev. Joseph R. Dunwell. In Ghana, we went beyond the borders to share our faith.

The “Nyame Dua” symbols remind us that before the advent of a the missionaries, the concept of God was already known. The missionaries came to help us to name the name of Christ. We have the Ghana map in blue indicating our anticipating of making, the whole of Ghana Nation which has  Christ as her Lord.


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